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Sound soluble coolant consulting for your competitive edge

Modern machinery, newly developed materials, higher temperatures, increasing processing speeds – all these are signs of even more increasing requirements in the future. Conventional requirements with regard to coolants are still valid: reduction of tool wear, effective heat dissipation, refrigeration of the entire system, removal of chips, corrosion protection and, of course, tolerability in humans.

This increases variety and specialisation of lubricants as productive force. Therefore, we recommend you to consult experienced experts when selecting a suitable solution. You can use their competence for a lead in productivity and efficiency of the process chain and – at the same time – to comply with relevant ecological requirements.

Arguments for competent consulting services in the field of coolants

  • Because cleaning processes between the machining steps might be unnecessary
  • Because coolants significantly influence quality of the final product
  • Because suitable coolants do not only influence a certain process but also following processes
  • Because long-term guarantee of productivity is necessary
  • Because recycling/disposal is also a matter of costs
  • Because improvement of the company’s situation is concerned

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