coolant concentrate

esgeCool 302

esgeCool 302 is a water soluble and mineral oil free coolant, that is used during machining of steel and non-ferrous metals whenever a transparent solution is required.

esgeCool 302 is also used for grinding steel and cast materials, as well as for grinding hard metal materials (carbide steel). esgeCool 302 is especially inhibited against cobalt leaching and prevents discoloring of the grinding solution.

esgeCool 302 is free of amines, this means there is no risk of nitrosamine formation.

esgeCool 302 is mixed with drinking water by a slowly pour in and thorough stirring. The mixture results in a clear, odorless and low foaming solution.

esgeCool 302 is skin-friendly and has good anti-corrosion abilities. esgeCool 302 guaranteed long operating times due to its high stability. It is suitable for processing with copper and brass

Technical Data

Mineral oil contentPH-valueAnticorrosion
(DIN 51360/2)
0%9,1 at 3%at 5% grade 0

machining steel and non-ferrous materials from 4%
machining cast iron from 5%
grinding hard metal (carbide metal) and steel from 4%

The concentration of the grinding solution can be determined with a Refractometer.
Refractometer factor: 1,0

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