Grinding concentrate for carbide machining

esgeCool 4205

esgeCool 4205 is a water-soluble, mineral oil-, boron- and formaldehydefree abrasive concentrate, which was developed primarily for the grinding of carbide materials; but it can also be used for grinding glass, light and non-ferrous alloys.

esgeCool 4205 prevents the absorption of cobalt ions in grinding solutions and thus their discoloration. This will significantly improve occupational safety for the people affected.

esgeCool 4205 is mixed by slow pouring and thorough stirring into submitted drinking water. The mixture gives a clear, odorless, very low-foaming grinding solution. esgeCool 4205 is well tolerated by the skin and has good anti-corrosion properties.

esgeCool 4205 ensures long insertion times thanks to its high microbial resistance. In order to achieve a perfect function of the grinding solution, an effective filtration is necessary. Insufficient filtration can lead to increased foaming tendency and machine contamination. Band filters have proven their worth here.

Technical Data

Mineral oil contentPH-valueAnticorrosion
(DIN 51360/2)
0%8,7 at 5%at 4% grade 0

Grinding carbide and
non-ferrous alloys 5% or higher

The concentration of the grinding solution can be determined with a Refractometer.

Refractometer factor: 1,2

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