High performance broaching and deep hole drilling oil

esgeCut FBE 3200

esgeCut FBE 3200 is a special broaching and deep hole drilling oil with specially selected base oils and is manufactured with various additives in different concentrations. It contains combined sulfur compounds, polar substances and special wear protection, aging and corrosion protection additives.

esgeCut FBE 3200 is free of chlorine, PCB and PCT. The oil has a mild odor, is physiologically harmless, has a bright color and tends not even under unfavorable operating conditions for foaming and it is oil mist set.

esgeCut FBE 3200 satisfies in every way the complex and demanding requirements, that results from different drilling methods and the partly difficult machinability of many materials and unfavorable cutting conditions.

esgeCut FBE 3200 is suitable for all cutting machining process with the highest difficulty and for materials with severe machinability. It is used particularly successful for tapping and forming processes in the field of gearwheel production and finally for broaching, milling and cutting processes.

esgeCut FBE 3200 complies with the latest state of the art; it is not suitable for non-ferrous metal.

Technical DataUnitTest method
Density at 15°C g/ml0,89DIN 51 757
Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s32DIN 51 562
Flash Point °C220DIN 51 376
Copper strip corrosionCorr.Grade 4 – 100 A 3DIN 51 759

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