Special Dielectric

esgeSparc SE 75


esgeSparc SE 75 is a special dielectric fluid of low viscosity. It is been produced in a special refining process from paraffin – based hydrocarbons for the requirements of the newest erosion technologies. It is odorless, virtually aromatic-free and non-toxic.

esgeSparc SE 75 is particularly suitable for operations with high precision and high surface accuracy requirements as well as applications where high flushing and best filterability is required.

esgeSparc SE 75 is waterclear to create high visibility of the machining process. Because of the high flash point the highest possible working safety is ensured. Despite to the highest product quality viscosity, the evaporation tendency from esgeSparc SE 75 is noticeably low.

esgeSparc SE 75 is particularly suitable for Vollmer wire-cutting erosion machines (QWD) due to its low adjustet viscosity.


Technical DataMethod of testingUNITValues
AppearanceClear, colorless
Density 15° CASTM D4052g/ml750
Kin. Viscosity 20°CASTM D445cSt1,8
Flash point (PM) °CASTM D93°C74
Boiling Range °CASTM D86°C186 – 228
Pour Point °CASTM D 97°C- 18
Content of aromatic
UV spektral.%< 0,1

esgeSparc SE 75 fulfills / exceeds the requirements of the most important manufacturers of die-sinking erosion EDM (Electrical Discharging Machining): AGIECHARMILLES, AGEMA, EXERON, FANUC, INGERSOLL, MAKINO, MITSUBISHI, ONA, SODICK, VOLLMER, ZIMMER & KREIM

When the barrels are stored outdoors, be sure that the ambient temperature is more than 5° C above the pour point of the product.