Grinding oil – esgeGrind VOSO 500

full synthetic grinding oil for hard metal (carbide metal) working

esgeGrind VOSO 500 is a fully synthetic grinding oil based on a polyalphaolefine (PAO) base oil with polar active agents and special designed anti-wear additives. It is specially inhibited against the release of cobalt.

esgeGrind VOSO 500 is a grinding oil for hard metal (carbide metal) working and HSS (high speed steel). Its colour is nearly light as water, it has a low viscosity, it is free of chlorine and heavy metal.

esgeGrind VOSO 500 has a very good decanting and rinsing ability. – the interior of the machines are remaining clean. esgeGrind VOSO 500 can easily be filtered with all current systems – it works for self-cleaning wedge-wire filter too and it has a phenomenal air separation ability. esgeGrind VOSO 500 is neutral in smell and shows no foam formation.

It is mainly used for grinding of hard metal (carbide metal) and can be used for HSS working.

Technical dataUnitTest Method
Density at 15 °C0,80DIN 51 757
Viscosity at 40 °C5,3DIN 51 562
Flash Point160DIN 51 376

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