Water-miscible cooling lubricants consist largely of base oils, emulsifiers and additives. Until now, it was assumed that the base oil content was decisive for the lubricating performance of a product. Products with a high base oil content were and are said to have a high lubricating performance. However, a higher base oil content makes it more difficult to distribute the oil droplets in the emulsion, which affects the flow behavior of the cooling lubricants. Coolants with a high base oil content and good lubricating performance have therefore always had relatively poor drainage behavior. This increases the consumption of cooling lubricant, as larger oil droplets also result in more cooling lubricant being discharged.

The new esgemo L-E-T (Lubrifying Emulsifier Technology) has made it possible to add lubricating components to the cooling lubricant in the form of special emulsifiers. This reduces the mineral oil content of the concentrate and at the same time improves the lubricating performance of the products. Products based on L-E-T are also more finely dispersed and thus lead to better drainage behavior and consequently to lower consumption and cleaner parts and machines. esgemo L-E-T now combines excellent lubrication performance with outstanding drainage behavior and very good rinsing performance.


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Products based on L-E-T represent the latest development in the field of water-miscible cooling lubricants.
The most relevant advantages for users are

  • Reduced mineral oil content protects people and the environment
  • Excellent drainage behaviour reduces consumption and results in clean parts and machines
  • Outstanding lubrication performance ensures long tool life and reduces tool costs
  • Reduced cleaning effort due to less residue on the workpieces
l-e-t: the next generation (entwicklung im bereich der wassermischbaren kuehlschmierstoffe)
esgeCOOL NT 8137

Water-miscible cooling lubricant based on new emulsifier technology for heavy-duty machining of various high-strength materials

Machining of cast iron, aluminum and steel, suitable for grinding Results in a particularly finely dispersed and low-foaming emulsion.

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esgeCOOL NT 1237

Versatile lubricant for many applications

Water-miscible cooling lubricant with a wide range of applications - suitable for many aluminum alloys perfect workplace safety - esgeCool NT 1237 contains no SVHC ingredients

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esgeCOOL NT 8220

Water-miscible premium cooling lubricant based on the latest emulsifier technology (L-E-T)

Universally applicable cooling lubricant, soft (5°dH) & hard water stable (up to 40°dH) with exceptionally long bath service life. Well suited for machining steel and cast iron. Aluminum alloys and non-ferrous metals can also be machined in a material mix

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esgeCOOL NT 6222

Water-miscible cooling lubricant for metalworking operations

Especially for difficult machining operations where high lubrication performance is required. Recommended for machining steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys

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esgeCOOL NT 9242

Water-miscible EP cooling lubricant based on new emulsifier technology

For heavy-duty machining of steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous metals with water hardnesses up to 60°dH. The chemical basis enables very long emulsion lifetimes without the need for FAD and boron

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esgeCOOL NT 8207

High-performance cooling lubricant for aluminum machining

Developed for heavy-duty machining operations with a high degree of automation. Very low consumption and very long service life lead to very relevant cost reductions over the period of use

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esgeCOOL 1405

Premium watermiscible cooling concentrate for carbide grinding

Free of boron, free of FAD, free of amines - for perfect workplace safety prevents the absorption of cobalt into the grinding solution

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esgeCOOL 3205

Water-soluble cooling lubricant concentrate for carbide grinding

Water-soluble, boron-free grinding product that is inhibited against the accumulation of cobalt. The grinding fluid is also suitable for processing non-ferrous metals and can also be used for grinding steel.

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esgeCOOL NT 9203

Grinding concentrate for machining steel, cast iron and high-alloy steels

Based on new technology without secondary amines Produces a low-foaming, clear and residue-free solution in soft and hard water

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