Special lubricants and special products

The esgemo portfolio includes specialties such as oil for extreme applications or unfavourable ambient conditions. Food safe and skincare products as well as accessories and devices complete our offer.

We offer an optimum solution made by OKS for extraordinary demands, in particular high or extremely low application temperatures, or unfavourable ambient conditions, such as salty air or extreme pressures. Products oriented towards top productivity and cost-effectiveness are available for special application fields.

Professional skincare with an action time of up to 6 hours

Cover Skin

Efficient skin protection against side effects produced by contact with dielectrics, water-soluble coolants, hydraulic oils, solvents, adhesives and plastics of any kind.

CoverSkin® also protects against aqueous and nonaqueous media, making unnecessary the use of various protective creams in linked working processes. CoverSkin® provides effective protection against contact allergies caused by dusts and abrasion particles. CoverSkin® is non-hazardous for eyes and mucosa as well as food safe.


Put a walnut-sized amount of foam in your dry and grease-free hands, rub in carefully and let it work for approx. 3 minutes. Even if cleaned several times with water and skin cleanser, your skin is now protected approx. 6 hours long.

Special recommendations

Rub it carefully in the nail bed and apply CoverSkin® under your fingernails to prevent any inflammations caused by penetrating abrasion particles.


CoverSkin® avoids eczema and itching caused by chips or dust particles. CoverSkin® also avoids inflammations of the edges of dry wounds.

Thermosets, hardeners, adhesives, solvents, acetone

Heavy soiling can be better removed using CoverSkin®. Accidental or unavoidable contact with the above-mentioned materials does not cause any consequences to the skin. Please clean your skin according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


CoverSkin® is approved according to the skin protection plan D (changing working materials) of the institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the metalworking industry in southern Germany (= BGHM).

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