Stamping, forming and forging oils

esgeStamp, esgePress and esgeHam series

Whether fine blanking various steel qualities or stamping and deep drawing from the coil: Highest efficiency is defined as high cutting performance and surface quality, i.e. absolute precision in high-speed presses, for example. Therefore, reliable lubrication has to meet the requirements for minimum die wear, optimally smooth cut and long tool lives. Benefit from our consulting competence when you select the right product. This also concerns the guarantee of no risk to users‘ health! We can offer you a complete series of chlorine-free, technologically and physiologically state-of-the-art products.

For chipless metal machining, i.e. forming, deep drawing and stamping, we use individual products perfectly tailored to each demand. Our own product range is completed by Wisura products and complies with the highest requirements with regard to pressure and temperature stability as well as intensively adhering and shear-stable separation and sliding layers. The offer includes stamping, deep drawing, fine blanking and forming oils – volatile to a limited extent – for aluminium, NE, steel and stainless steel. Our portfolio of chlorine-free products guarantees technical efficiency and state of the art with regard to safety in terms of health.

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