water-soluble coolant (KSS) – esgeCool 305

grinding concentrate for hard metal (carbide metal) working

esgeCool 305 is a water soluble, mineral oil free coolant, designed for hard metal (carbide metal) working. It can be used for grinding of steel and casting material. esgeCool 305 stops the inhibition of cobalt into grinding solutions and their discolouration. Thereby occupational safety and helth of the affected persons is significantly improved.

esgeCool 305 is amine-free, i.e. there is no danger of nitroamine formation.

esgeCool 305 is mixed with drinking water by a slowly pour in and thorough stirring.

The mixture results in a clear odorless and low foaming grinding solution.

esgeCool 305 is skin-friendly and has good anti-corrosion abilities.

esgeCool 305 guaranteed long operating times due to its high stability. To reach a proper functioning of the grinding solution an effective filtration is necessary. An insufficient filtration may cause a higher foam formation and machines pollution. As a reliable filtration band filters should be used.

Technical Data

Mineral oil contentPH-valueAnticorrosion
(DIN 51360/2)
0%9,2 at 3%at 4% grade 0

Grinding steel and hard metal (carbide metal) from 3%
Grinding casting material from 4%

The concentration of the grinding solution can be determined with a Refractometer.

Refractometer factor: 1,1