water-soluble coolant (KSS) – esgeCool 9242

EP cooling lubricant concentrate with new emulsifier technology

esgeCool-NT-9242 is a water miscible, mineral oil containing EP-cooling lubricant, that can be used universally. esgeCool-NT-9242 contains no chlorine, no boric acid, and noHeavy metals, is well tolerated by the skin and corresponds to the TRGS 611.

esgeCool-NT-9242 is initially introduced by slowly pouring and thoroughly stiring in drinking water. This results in a finely dispersed, low-foaming emulsion with a distinctived cooling and flushing effect. esgecool-NT-9242 can also be processed with the use of automatic mixing devices.

esgeCool-NT-9242 has a pleasant odor and provides a long lasting corrosion protection. Based on the used ingredients, esgeCool-NT-9242 has such a high technical stability that it is produced even without formaldehyde donors (= bactericide).To keep the concentrate characteristics, the mixing concentration should not fall below 5%. So then very long emulsion life can be reached.

esgeCool-NT-9242 can be used up to a water hardness from 60 ° dH.

esgeCool-NT-9242 is particularly suitable for the machining of steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous metal materials and can be used for stand-alone machines, machining centers and in central-systems.

Technical Data:

Mineral Oil ContentPH valueCorrosion protection
(DIN 51360/2)
ap. 40%at 5% = 9.7at 5% = grade 0

Working concentrations:
Machining: 5% or more
For very difficult machining operations: up to 10%

The determination of the concentration of the operating emulsion can be determined with a hand
Refractometerfactor: 1.0

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