water-soluble coolant (KSS) – esgeCool NT 8137

EP cooling lubricant concentrate with new emulsifier technology

esgeCool NT 8137 is a water miscible, mineral oil containing EP-cooling lubricant, that can be used for light to moderate machining operations. esgeCool NT 8137 contains no chlorine, no phosphor and no sulfur, it corresponds to the TRGS 611.

esgeCool NT 8137 is initially introduced by slowly pouring and thoroughly stiring in drinking water. This results in a whitish and low-foaming emulsion with a distinctived cooling and flushing effect. Due to the novel emulsifier combination, the result is a very finely dispersed emulsion, where the drag-out losses are extremely low and the surfaces of the workpieces as well as the machine components remain clean.

esgecool NT 8137 is neutral in odor and provides a long lasting corrosion protection.

esgecool NT 8137 is well tolerated by the skin because of the renouncement of bactericides and formaldehyde donors. Due to its new emulsifier technology esgeCool NT 8137 has a high performance stability against microorganisms; as a rule, no post-preservation is required.

esgeCool NT 8137 is particularly suitable for the machining of steel, casting and aluminum materials and can be used for stand-alone machines, machining centers and in central-systems.

Technical Data

low foaming at water hardnessPH-valueAnticorrosion
(DIN 51360/2)
4° dH or higher9,2 at 3%at 2,5% grade 0

Working concentrations:
Machining of casting materials, aluminium and steel 5% or more
Grinding: 4% or more
The determination of the concentration of the operating emulsion can be determined with a hand

Refractometer factor: 1.1
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